Celestial Ruin - News!

24 January 2020

Behind the artwork – Heart Shaped Ashes



The artwork for Heart Shaped Ashes was created by Fred Van Hardeveld. When discussing how we wanted the art to look, we basically started off by describing the feeling and colors we used while shooting the music video (Video Directed and Edited By Dave Benedict (Default)). We sent Fred the song and asked him to think outside the box.
Our manager (Clyde Hill, Magnatized Management) has been using Fred’s work for years and he recommended him to us. When Fred sent back the image we were blown away! It was incredible! The colors creating the feeling of fire, the women blindfolded like she was refusing to see something) yet her movement suggests power and control. It was perfect! We request zero adjustments or revisions on the image. It was exactly what was needed to convey the emotions radiating from the song.