Celestial Ruin - News!

24 January 2020

Heart Shaped Ashes Live review- Metal Titans



Band Members:

Larissa Dawn (vocals)
Mike “Dikk” Degenais (bass)
Thassana (guitars)
Adam Todd (drums)

This event took place at the Red Room here in Vancouver, on Saturday November 23rd, and I know there are a lot of you out there that missed this, which is too bad because they put on a spot-on show before they showed off their phenomenal “Heart Shaped Ashes” video. Celestial Ruin is a Canadian based hard rock local band, who works hard to get their music out to the people.

I knew this was not one to be missed when they announced this event. I have seen many of their shows, and each one gets better and better, putting on an all-around magnificent performance. They played a variety of their songs, including their new one, “Heart Shaped Ashes” that we were viewing later tonight, and for an extra bonus for the fans, they performed a brand-new track that no one has heard yet. I was honored to hear this new one, they have amped up their music this time around. Really enjoy watching a band that has it all pulled together when they are performing, each of the members from Celestial Ruin exceed at what they do.

What can I say, if you snooze you lose, and you lost big time if you weren’t there. Make sure to catch Celestial Ruin if they are openers, or even their own show, because with their talent, they should be seen and heard, and definitely moving up in this world. Support your local bands help them to succeed at what they love doing.

Here is the newly released video of “Heart Shaped Ashes” – enjoy.